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www.southcoastrail.com Executive Office of Transportation (EOT)
Pages of special interest to CCATS
About the Project: Overview, History, Next Steps
Reference Materials:
April 2007 south Coast Rail: A Plan for Action
Aug. 2002 MEPA Certificate
Sept. Oct. Nov. 2007 Interagency Coordinating Group Meeting Notes
Oct. 2007 Interagency Group Need and Goals
Oct. 2003 Supplemental Draft EIR: Executive Summary, Ch. 3 Alternatives
Apr. 2002 Final Environmental Impact Report
Feb. 1997 NB/FR Expanded Alternatives Analysis
Sep. 1995 Environmental Notification Form, 3 Volumes
Mar. 1995 Expanded Feasibility Report
Note: The 1995 & 1997 Reports have the most information on the ‘Attleboro Alternative’

www.srpedd.org Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District
Pages of special interest to CCATS
Home Page, Commuter Rail Task Force: Cover Page, Civic Engagement Calendar, Photo Section

www.nortonlandpreservation.org Land Preservation Society of Norton
Pages of special interest to CCATS
Home Page, LPS Photo Album – Medeiros Land
Field Notes, Bird List, Mammal List, Reptiles and Amphibians - Jean Shea

www.attleborolandtrust.org Attleboro Land Trust
Pages of special interest to CCATS
Home Page, Our Properties – Nickerson Walking Woods Preserve