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Mission of CCATS

‘Citizens Concerned About Tracks’ is a regional coalition with members in the communities of Attleboro, Norton, Mansfield and Taunton.

The mission of CCATS was and continues to be: To raise public awareness of the proposed New Bedford/Fall River Rail Project (now called the South Coast Rail), get the residents of our area along with public officials, interested and educated about the plans to bring trains from Boston to the South Coast, and ultimately convince all those involved with the project that the proposed ‘Attleboro Alternative’ should be, once and for all, dropped from consideration.

CCATS does not oppose the extension of commuter rail service to New Bedford and Fall River, and it is not our intention to interfere with the advancement of this project. We do however take issue with anyone who promotes the ‘Attleboro Route’ as a reasonable means of accomplishing the South Coast Rail Project goal.

The mission of CCATS is to unite our neighboring communities (including Foxboro and Sharon) who have nothing to gain from this ill-advised plan, and convince Governor Patrick, the Executive Office of Transportation And Public Works (now in the driver’s seat for the South Coast Rail Project), and all interested parties that the ‘Attleboro Alternative’ should once again, and finally, be put to rest for good. Our immediate goal: Present a united front of concerned, well informed citizens and public officials to send the message loud and clear: ‘MBTA – Go The Other Way’ and ultimately make certain that this time the decision is final.