South Coast Rail
"The Attleboro Alternative"

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Photo Tour June 17. 2000 Celebrating Biodiversity Days at Chartley Pond, Heather Graf, Ron O'Reilly & Jenn Carlino (Norton Conservation Agent)
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Photo Tour - October 3rd 2007 Site Walk of The Attleboro By-Pass Click HERE

Photo Tour - October 15th 2007 Bus Tour of 'The Attleboro Alternative' Attleboro, Norton, Taunton Click HERE

Photo Tour February 21st 2008 Site Walk of the Attleboro By-Pass Area Click HERE

Photo Tour - December 2009 == Winter in the 'Mighty Mock'

From the Original CCATS Files
The Boston Globe - December 6, 1998
'Could You Be More Specific?'

Added to CCATS Web Site Photo Album - Debember 2009!!!

Proposed MBTA Commuter Rail Line to New Bedford & Fall River - Trains could be running this way!

Wood Frog (Rana sylvatica) found in wetlands along the proposed 'Attleboro By-Pass', in the hands of Norton Conservation Agent Jennifer Carlino.
Photo courtesy of Greg Guimond, SRPEDD. October 2007